1. Howdy Faye and Wayne. Sounds like you are having a great time, we are loving the photos and the updates. We are starting to get the cold weather here so we are getting very jealous and wish we were out there with you……..Next time!! Safe travels and don’t forget the workers, Love Mick & Sue xx

  2. Lin & Leigh Greenaway

    Hello you guys. Still enjoying yourselves I see and good to see you are/were having great weather. Still warm and sunny up here. Same ole, same ole. Above average for this time of year – 28 degrees most days, 30 yesterday. We have just come back from a camping trip to Big Bend on the Lolworth Creek. Beautiful spot. Had a great time (red claw for breakfast some days). The solar panels worked a treat (3 fridges ran comfortably). We got back, then Ashley and Becc took off to the same spot for a nice 4 day weekend. Not very often Becc gets a weekend off in her line of employment (chef), so they made the most of it and thoroughly enjoyed themselves (and enjoyed the comforts of our solar panels and water pump so they could pump water straight from the creek to their shower). Finally learning how to go camping Greenaway style! Glad to see you are both well and still enjoying yourselves.
    Keep up the good work. Someone has to do it!!!

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